How to Buy The Right Audio Equipment for You

Not long ago, some readers who “should be fans” sent a private message asking, “There are so many products in the audio industry, how should I choose?” Then another reader immediately asked, “Should I be convinced by the price argument?” For the above mentioned points that users are generally concerned about, we will answer a little at this moment.

In fact, many audio products can be discussed together with sound based on price, but here we have to put forward the biggest fallacy in the audio industry, because the idea of “audio based on price” has caused a lot of pain. Xiaobai, even moderate fever, in my opinion, the price is the same as the mobile phone industry “buying new and not buying old”, and what is the same? There are only two words “cancer”, so when you know that they are “cancer of public opinion”, do you still believe in the so-called opinion based on price and whether to buy new or not? Anyway, if you want to buy a product that suits you, the first thing to give up is to judge the price and buy a new one instead of an old one!

So what should you do to find the right audio equipment for you?

The budget is divided into: main equipment and matching equipment, you should pay attention

If you really want to buy audio equipment, then you must first clarify “what is the budget”, and then select the appropriate equipment to meet your requirements within your budget range. “What requirements will be detailed later.”

It should be noted here that many audio equipment needs the best combination to have the best sound, so you should pay attention to “do you need the equipment you fancy to get the best sound? If you need it, then buy the matching equipment and the main equipment. Whether it exceeds the budget, if it exceeds the advice, be cautious”, just like Sony “Many people think that Sony is good, it is really good, and if you want to get perfect sound quality, the budget of its matching equipment is enough for the workers to drink a pot”, so the budget is not only The price of the main equipment should be considered, and the matching equipment should also be considered, so as not to exceed the budget. At the same time, don’t blindly pursue big names and frantically buy and buy.

A few things to note about yourself

1. It is to clarify what style of music you like to listen to the most, ACG, classical, jazz, blues or pop music, etc.

Secondly, if you don’t have any opinion, you can refer to your relatives and friends, relatives, and family members who understand audio better. Don’t trust unfamiliar KOLs, because the industry has been controlled by business, and KOL’s recommendation cannot be bad. , but there will be a little “commercial taste” in it.

2. If you are a person who is sure to study, it is recommended to look at the evaluation of the equipment “pay attention to the evaluation of the equipment you like from real users” rather than the evaluation of KOL. Pay attention to this

3. It is to always remember that any audio equipment is to allow you to hear better and more beautiful sound quality, so it is the key to make your ears “cool”. If you do the above points, you are almost done.

What should I care about the sound quality of audio equipment?

The sound must be accurate, what does it mean to be accurate? For example, many audio devices now only care about the sound, and these are only superficial phenomena, because just like when we eat, “it’s delicious, you need to add MSG”, and the sound is the same, a lot of coloring is necessary to sound good, but it is not to pursue coloring at all. possible. Therefore, it is recommended to choose equipment here, and the sound should not be too thin or too bright.

What is tri-band equalization? Don’t just pursue a certain frequency band, just like many people pursue thick low frequency, strong mid frequency, and bright high frequency. Are these correct? It is definitely correct, but it is definitely not a tri-band equalization, and there is no rigid definition of tri-band equalization, but the only element is “the one that makes you feel comfortable is equalization, and it is durable.”

The sound suits your taste, that is, you must first know what you want and what you don’t want. Always remember that each device has different characteristics. Can you have all of them? Certainly not, so reasonable purchase, reasonable matching, and respecting your own listening needs are the right way.

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