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Analysis of DSD Technology

DSD sample ratesDSD is one of kind of sigma delta modulation. Its sample rates are multiple 44100 Hz: 1. DSD (Direct Stream Digital) technology is also called [Direct Digital Stream]. It is jointly developed by Philips and SONY. The sampling frequency is 64 times higher than that of ordinary CDs, and the dynamic range is extended to 5 times that of ordinary CDs. Beyond all the current audio formats, the most authentic

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What is bit rate, sample rate? What does 192khz 24bit mean?

1. Bit rate: Bit rate refers to the number of bits transmitted per second, which is divided into 8bit, 16bit, 24bit, and 32bit. The unit is bps (Bit Per Second). The higher the bit rate, the more data is transmitted per second, and the clearer the picture quality. The bit rate in sound refers to

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How to Buy The Right Audio Equipment for You

Not long ago, some readers who “should be fans” sent a private message asking, “There are so many products in the audio industry, how should I choose?” Then another reader immediately asked, “Should I be convinced by the price argument?” For the above mentioned points that users are generally concerned about, we will answer a

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Qualcomm Announces aptX Lossless Audio Codec That Delivers CD-Quality Sound over Bluetooth

Qualcomm recently released a Bluetooth audio codec called aptX Lossless, which claims to provide CD-quality sound quality over Bluetooth. According to the official introduction, the aptX Lossless Bluetooth audio codec can transmit CD-level sound quality (16-bit, 44.1kHz) audio through Bluetooth, and users’ wireless Bluetooth headsets can also listen to lossless sound quality. However, aptX Lossless will

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Apple AirPods Max Beta Confirms Support for LC3 Codec

On June 24th, Apple recently provided a new AirPods beta beta firmware, launched alongside iOS 16, macOS 13 Beta, and more Now, a developer has confirmed that the AirPods Max beta has added support for a higher-quality Bluetooth codec, which should at least improve the quality of voice calls on Apple’s high-end earphones, and provide

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High Quality Domestic Stereo Codec CJC8988, Pin to PinReplaces WM8988

A codec or software that supports video and audio compression (CO) and decompression (DEC). CODEC technology can effectively reduce the space occupied by digital storage. In computer systems, using hardware to complete CODEC can save CPU resources and improve system operating efficiency. The Codec chip encodes and compresses the transmission of audio and video digital

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