YMOO B10Pro USB Bluetooth 5.3 Audio Adapter for Connecting Bluetooth Headphones to PS5, PS4, Switch, PC. Wireless Audio Dongle Bluetooth Transmitter with aptX Low Latency Support, No Driver Need


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  • [Plug-Play Hassle-Free Use] – Easy to add Bluetooth audio capability (AUDIO devices ONLY, no data) to your Desktop, iMac, Linux, Chromebook, PS4 and PS5. Driver free, no software/driver need; Plug B10Pro into your computer’s or Laptop’s USB port, pair it up with a Bluetooth headphone or speaker, and here we go!
  • [Gaming without Disturbing] – Stream audio from your PS5, PS4, Switch or PC into your favorite pair of Bluetooth headphones so you can enjoy your late-night gaming session without disturbing your family or roommates. B10 Pro supports HFP protocol, suitable for conference calls and video chats. **Listening to music and talking simultaneously is not supported.**
  • [Low Audio Latency] – YMOO B10 Pro is aptX Low Latency compatible; when you pair it up with a Bluetooth headphone or speaker that also supports aptX-LL, they’ll eliminate the notorious Bluetooth audio lag issue. The audio lag will be reduced to less than 40ms (220ms for standard Bluetooth) – nearly no latency.
  • [PC & Mac Compatible] – The B10 Prp is not only great for game audio streaming but it’s also perfect for work-from-home conference calls and meetings. Skype, Zoom, Teams, Meet & more, the Bluetooth adapter automatically switches between Music and Talk modes when used on a Windows PC. If your TV got USB port, it also can be use on TV. B10 Pro support pairing with 2 headphones simultaneously.
  • [Stable Reliable Configuration] – YMOO B10 Pro feature with Bluetooth v5.0 technology and built in high end CSR8675 main chip, enhance anti-interference ability and stability, low the possibility of signal interruption. And it is completely backwards compatible with audio devices that are equipped with earlier Bluetooth versions.

bluetooth audio adapter for ps4

YMOO B10 Pro USB Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Gaming, Video Chat, Music Streaming

What make B10 Pro special?

  • aptX Low Latency – No audio delay for gaming or watching videos.
  • Gaming with Privacy – No disturbing others while gaming.
  • Plug Play, Driver Free – Hassle free to set up.
  • Bluetooth V5.3 – More stable, more reliable transmission quality.
  • Chat Support – Support video calling.
  • Long Range – Indoor 50ft working distance.
  • Dual Link – Connect 2 wireless headphones simultaneously.


Technical Specification

Mode B10 Pro
Bluetooth V5.3
Working distance 50ft
Battery Needed NO
Voltage 5V
Latency <40ms
Audio Support SBC, AAC, APTX, APTX Low Latency, APTX HD
Video Chat Support Skype、Zoom、Teams、Meet、Tiktok、Facebook
Working Distance No obstacles 111 feet/32 meters
Working Distance with Barriers 52 feet/16 meters
bluetooth adapter for ps4

Q1: How to Work with the Microphone on a Bluetooth Headset When I use a Windows/macOS/Linux/Ubuntu Computer?

-For Windows 10 PC, please go: Settings>System>Sound>Choose your output device & Input Device (Choose “B10Pro”).

-For macOS, please go: System preferences>Sound>Outputs and Inputs (Choose”B10Pro” ).

-For Windows 7, Please go: Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Sound>Playback(Choose “B10Pro”); Recording(Choose “B10Pro”).

-For Linux, Please go: Settings> Devices> Audio> Sound Settings> Sound Preferences> Input(Choose “B10Pro”), Output (Choose”B10Pro”)

-For Ubuntu, please go: Settings> Sound>Output (Choose “B10Pro”), Balance, drag the toggle to the middle place > Input, Input Device (Choose “B10Pro”).

-For Skype, please go: Settings>Audio & Video>Microphone, please choose ”Microphone(B10Pro)”>Automatically adjust microphone settings, please toggle on> Speakers, please choose ”speakers(B10Pro)”

-*Please Note*: Double click the multifunction button to enter the “Hands free/Call mode (the LED indicator flashes Blue quickly)”. After using the Microphone, please double click the multifunction button to exit the “Hands free/Call mode”.

Q2: Why 1mii Bluetooth audio adapter B10Pro is not recognized as a BT device by my Windows10 PC?

1Mii B10Pro Bluetooth audio adapter is specifically only for audio based bluetooth devices instead of a Bluetooth device so it can not be recognized as a BT device by your Windows PC and it doesn’t has Bluetooth device list.

Q3: What if the sound quality is dull and muffled when I use my SONY WH-1000XM3 or other Bluetooth headphones listen to music ?

The B10Pro Bluetooth audio adapter is in “hands free/call mode” (the LED indicator flashes Blue quickly) the sound quality will be not good when you enjoy music . Please double click the multi-function button to switch “hands free/call mode ” to “A2DP mode”.


-For aptX Low Latency and aptX HD: For no lip sync delay while gaming or HD audio while listen to music, please ONLY use a Bluetooth headphone which supports aptX Low Latency or aptX HD.

-For PS4 And Nintendo Switch Users: 1Mii B10Pro enable your PS4, Nintendo Switch to stream audio to your Bluetooth headphone or speaker. You need a USB type-C male to USB A female converter (Not included) to connect to your Nintendo Switch.

-For aptX HD & aptX LL Switching: Press the multi-function button to switch aptX LL/HD codec mode. The LED indicator status indicates different codec mode: aptX HD mode is GREENaptX LL mode is BLUE. Or, the Bluetooth headphone might use another codec (e.g. SBC, aptX), which will result in a 70-200ms audio delay that may be noticeable by some users.


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